How do I handle a jealous spouse?

Jealousy is a sense of uneasiness or anxiety stemming from fear of preference being given to another, or fear of loss of position or affection. Actually, you can’t handle jealousy. You can, however, confirm your love by acts of attention and affection and by words of admiration and appreciation. But only God can resolve jealousy in a … Continue reading How do I handle a jealous spouse?


(Frank Talk) - Pastor Bimbo Animashaun There's this mindset that is pervasive in this generation whereby a young minister believes that some other young ministers belong to "THE HAPPENING CREW" but he doesn't. Now that's a dangerous mindset. Whatever name or label we call it, it is extremely dangerous. That is called "Exceptionism" and it … Continue reading YOUNG MINISTERS, BEWARE OF JEALOUSY!!!