Lessons from Joseph

How many of life’s lessons have you learned through the “school of hard knocks” ? I’ve certainly learned a few that way. They make great testimonies— if you survive them, but I don’t recommend it. There’s a better way! God’s Word is full of the good and bad experiences of men and women of old, … Continue reading Lessons from Joseph

Joseph and the rest of us

There is a video circulating on WhatsApp. All things circulate on WhatsApp as you very well know… the insane, deep fakes, conspiracy theories, emergency COVID cures, the perpetual woe of Arsenal Football Club… All things circulate on WhatsApp. This video was different, however. It was educative and spoke directly to the issue of men’s health. … Continue reading Joseph and the rest of us

What you Don’t know About Joseph

But we should however know that We can't move from the Pit we are right now to the post of Prime Minister with been obedience to God. The question how will could obey who you are committed to and to be committed to God you have to know him first. Getting to know him can … Continue reading What you Don’t know About Joseph