An educated Christian gentleman was traveling in the first class section. An air hostess approached him with a complimentary drink, this was an alcoholic drink But the man politely refused. The air hostess returned but this time brought the drink on a platter, designed to appeal and impress. However, the Christian man again politely refused, … Continue reading CAN A CHRISTIAN DRINK ALCOHOL?



-Bisi Adewale My mother used to say this, ‘’Don’t hide behind a finger because the finger can not even hide your nose’’ Unfortunately, many People are hiding behind Fingers, not knowing that nothing is hidden in life. Let me illustrate this with two stories: As a rule, I don’t give a free ride to any … Continue reading YOU CAN’T HIDE BEHIND A FINGER, DON’T TRY IT

POEM: Truth Be Told II

None call for justice Nor any pleadth for truth Your feet run into evil In haste to shed innocent blood On your crooked path You know not the way of peace You behold obscurity for brightness Wallowing in gross of gross darkness You refuse to rise to the path of light Salvation is far from … Continue reading POEM: Truth Be Told II

POEM: Truth be told I

Everyone finds it irresistible listening to truth But ready not to verbalize the truth Lying life less in the abdomen But couldn’t express in audacity For there is no conviction To justify the alteration of distrust Truth be told, Our society is becoming unconstructive And everyone is undisturbed As if nothing is happening Abnormalities fast … Continue reading POEM: Truth be told I

Reasons you cannot know what is good without God, Ravi Zacharias Explains

In a discussion of faith-related issues on the latest episode of the Ben Shapiro Show’s “Sunday Special, Ravi Zacharias, a world renowned Christian apologist, debater, academic and prolific author joined the show to discuss some sensitive issues. He once response to sexual allegation set against him, he is known for his eloquence in response to … Continue reading Reasons you cannot know what is good without God, Ravi Zacharias Explains