She is Emerging! Her eminence is hither! Her greatness is now! Histories began with her, She’s pioneer of great innovations, The world revolves around her creatives, Her knowledges, alluring the universe, In her freedom, many were her renovations, In her services, many were her artifacts, Worthy were her works, Shes mother breeder of humanities, until … Continue reading OH, AFRICA EMINENCE – OPE DUROTOYE



Growing age, Lessser viewings Thoughts changing With strong desires to fulfill It grows so passionate Bursting our artilleries. Every moment of the dead day I look through the window Unto the sky my gaze To the calm terrain first For any walking spirit Up I see no Cloud What seeth I? Boundless!!! It takes away … Continue reading POEM: WHAT SEETH THOU?

POEM: Beware of your friends!

- Isitalks You must have heard this line over a thousand times, I know. Please, hear it again!!! Who else has noticed? That the people you surround yourself with Your friends, your circle Your peers. .....they most times only want to see the YOU they met at first The don't want to see the progressive … Continue reading POEM: Beware of your friends!

POEM: Seeking Virtue

John Adams Long gone are the bright and simple days, Forgotten are the good old righteous ways, There’s no fine line between wrong and right, This era we live in is an illustration of plight, Pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth, and wrath, Evil resides at each corner and every path, The truth is buried, … Continue reading POEM: Seeking Virtue


Opeyemi Durotoye Lines Ado of Empathies Pitching no Sympathies Stretching authorities Laying ban on 'Banks' Locked Down the Masses Locked Off to Abroad To their much sophisticated 'homes' And safeguarding their Properties Uniting to fight the Pandemic elsewhere While the masses suffer their cause Who is who in this case? Who decries the inviting of … Continue reading POEM: COVID-19: IS IT REAL?

POEM: Mirror

Standing before lengthy tumbler Painter of best artistic version Not a carbon copy Rather, oneself from the other side. Seeing the good and the worse In person standing before you What you see really matters Either good or worse. A time for quick reflect How fast you’ve chosen one Pause, remember it is you …From … Continue reading POEM: Mirror

POEM: En-Grace

Never to be forsaken Either to be qualified Nor to be forgotten Not to be merited But to be disgrace Unmerited favour A privileged heritage Deposition of greatness Virtue from God The Spirit of Grace Why the hustle? Why the eye overhaul? Seeking for men’s approval Just to be favored? Can we find grace? Election … Continue reading POEM: En-Grace


Ifekoya Toluwanimi Everyday, we make decisions Daily we're confronted with options; We must choose one or the other We cannot have both Leaving with options either; Being bitter or being better Indifference or decisiveness Lukewarmness or enthusiasm Giving up or giving in Security or risk Coping with evil or overcoming evil Blending in or standing … Continue reading DECISION


Creaming in a dream of realityReciting shallow mind mentalityExcusing not every detailException to crueltyDenouncing desired act of frivolityCraving to attestReading state of testEnduring day of unrestEn-pouching days of detestDevotion western towards eastConviction sad to seeRepentance far to seeExhortation of SadduceesExpression of PhariseesDelving out gentiles to JewishCape up unto a principleReducing the principalExtracting municipalEloquent bent unbeliefDo … Continue reading CREED I