Assumptions can be dangerous.

Assumptions can be dangerous. It's how you fail in an exam. You assume the examiner is asking for one thing only to discover it's another. I had a senior in secondary school who decided to study the dictionary the night before the English external exam. Instead of focusing on the laws of grammar he assumed … Continue reading Assumptions can be dangerous.


(My Personal Experience) - Pastor Bimbo Animashaun My message preparation is 60% PRAYERS; 20% MEDITATION and 20% HOMILETICS. Now in message preparation, MUCH PRAYERS are required because it is the Force of the Spirit that will project the thoughts of God and etch them on the canvass of people's hearts. It is error of the … Continue reading MESSAGE PREPARATION TECHNIQUES AND DYNAMICS!!!


- Bimbo Animashaun I once read this story from Bishop Francis Wale Oke. It's a story that inspires really and I believe that it will help and spur someone this morning. Baba wrote: It was in 1979 that God supernaturally launched me into nation-wide ministry. I was still a student in the University of Lagos, … Continue reading YOUR PREPARATION IS NOT IN VAIN

What should Constitute Your Imagination?

Imagination is formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real or present to the sense. In other words imagination is the creation of mental image which comes from what you think and that thing you think defines you. Proverb 23:7 as he thinketh, in his heart, so is he? Ideas, … Continue reading What should Constitute Your Imagination?