2 Kings 7:8-11 NKJV [8] And when these lepers came to the outskirts of the camp, they went into one tent and ate and drank, and carried from it silver and gold and clothing, and went and hid them; then they came back and entered another tent, and carried some from there also, and went … Continue reading “WE ARE NOT DOING RIGHT”



1. MARRYING AN OLDER MAN: I don’t think marrying older men is bad but marrying someone that is old enough to be your father or older than your father, is it for love or what? 2. PLEADING, BEGGING & CRYING FOR MEN to marry them; Dear sister, you don’t have to do all that to … Continue reading 10 MARITAL MISTAKES LADIES MAKE


Bimbo Animashaun Sometimes in marriage, based on exigencies of the moment or superior reasons triggered by current realities, you have to GIVE UP SOME RIGHTS for the greater good and betterment of the marriage. You cannot ALWAYS hold on to your RIGHTS and be referred to as a sensitive partner. Marriage sometimes demands a level … Continue reading “RIGHTS” AND “RIGHTNESS” IN MARRIAGE!!!

POEM: Truth Be Told II

None call for justice Nor any pleadth for truth Your feet run into evil In haste to shed innocent blood On your crooked path You know not the way of peace You behold obscurity for brightness Wallowing in gross of gross darkness You refuse to rise to the path of light Salvation is far from … Continue reading POEM: Truth Be Told II

POEM: Truth be told I

Everyone finds it irresistible listening to truth But ready not to verbalize the truth Lying life less in the abdomen But couldn’t express in audacity For there is no conviction To justify the alteration of distrust Truth be told, Our society is becoming unconstructive And everyone is undisturbed As if nothing is happening Abnormalities fast … Continue reading POEM: Truth be told I

Authorities Shut down Churches over Protest against Church crackdown in Algeria    

Authorities from Algerian government have forced congregations out of their respective churches  over the protest against crackdown on places of worship in the country. Two biggest congregations’ churches in North Africa and one other were shut down this week. About eight churches have been shut down so far this year according Christian solidarity Worldwide (CSW); … Continue reading Authorities Shut down Churches over Protest against Church crackdown in Algeria    

Are you knocking at the Right Door?

The latter part of Matthew 7:7 says …knock and it shall be opened unto you. Well the issue here is that some people have been knocking and they are still knocking up till this moment. Now let me ask which door are you knocking? Because you can’t be knocking the wrong door and expects right … Continue reading Are you knocking at the Right Door?