(Master Key To Transforming Your Word Ministry) - Pastor Bimbo Animashaun Reading the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 twelve times in a year "ALONE" does not make you a great teacher of God's Word. Infact, one can come to a point in the Word ministry where he's so full of the "head knowledge" … Continue reading THE SECRET TO AN IMPACTFUL “TEACHING” MINISTRY!!!

END-TIME SPIRITUAL WARFARE!!! (Living Victoriously Amidst Troubled Times And Seasons)

- Pastor Bimbo Animashaun I will tell you the truth beloved; we have entered a season in the modern world where spiritual warfare is becoming more "technical". There's a titanic battle of the ages going in this hour. It is not the old folklore of assuming a Satanic monster with two horns and a long … Continue reading END-TIME SPIRITUAL WARFARE!!! (Living Victoriously Amidst Troubled Times And Seasons)


- Pastor Bimbo AnimashaunMockery is part and parcel of the persecutions that the Church will face in these last days, and this is affirmed by Scriptures - Jude 17-18.In our day, the Church has been fingered as the root cause of every thing that's "wrong" in the world.Men and women of God have been mocked.The … Continue reading WISDOM TO HANDLE MOCKERY!!!

Teach the Truth with Love

-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun Don't preach or teach as if you're fighting the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is bigger than you, and it's bigger than every single individual. Some men and women have been labouring to build this Body before you came on the scene, some for years, some for decades and some … Continue reading Teach the Truth with Love

[POEM] What School Teaches – Opeyemi Durotoye

Education is of the heart Transforming the mind, resetting the set ups Lighting path to visions, and lamp to goals. Not knowledge, rather understanding. Knowledge puffs! Understanding is light and life Knowledge without wisdom: Paradise without God And God without Creatures Apply knowledge is Power, dawn of Understandings. School teaches knowledge, not understanding, Breeding mediocre, … Continue reading [POEM] What School Teaches – Opeyemi Durotoye