Short Story: Ignoring the Treasure

Kate Loop If you knew there was a priceless treasure on your property, what would you do? Excitedly hunt and hunt until you found it, right? You’d likely give up whatever you had to in order to get the tools and time you needed to find that treasure. Jonah’s story, then, might sound strange, but … Continue reading Short Story: Ignoring the Treasure



-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun There's this wisdom that God taught me early in ministry, and by God's Grace it has helped me a great deal, and that's RELATING WITH GOD'S TREASURE IN MEN. It has helped my ministry, destroyed stereotypes and opened new horizons for me. I have seen young ministers who cut off from people … Continue reading WISDOM IN RELATING WITH THE “TREASURE” OF GOD IN MEN!!!

Hold onto the Treasure – Benny Hinn

Cherish every drop of God’s anointing as more precious than gold. We must not allow God’s treasure to slip out of our hands. Hold on to your salvation! The Lord continues to examine your heart. Many people say, “Come, Holy Spirit,” but He will not come. Why? Because the place of habitation is unclean. Why … Continue reading Hold onto the Treasure – Benny Hinn