POEM: Truth Be Told II

None call for justice Nor any pleadth for truth Your feet run into evil In haste to shed innocent blood On your crooked path You know not the way of peace You behold obscurity for brightness Wallowing in gross of gross darkness You refuse to rise to the path of light Salvation is far from … Continue reading POEM: Truth Be Told II



By: Opeyemi Oluwashegun DUROTOYEIt is darkening, the only shade is wax,Eyes twinkling, iris snakingLooking more, narrowly reaching farthest.Let me close your lips with mine,And be join for our testimony to be oneOur saliva are notion for LubricationEvery nibble of teeth, and tongueAre play way for this inclination.The ache of snuggling,The cuddling, the smush and slurpingAre … Continue reading ILLUSION