Joshua 10:28-39 KJV [28] And that day Joshua took MAKKEDAH, and... he utterly destroyed, them,... [29] Then Joshua passed from Makkedah, and all Israel with him, unto Libnah, and fought against LIBNAH: <!--more --> [30] And the Lord delivered it also,... [31] And Joshua passed from Libnah, and all Israel with him, unto LACHISH, and … Continue reading “SPEAKING STRENGTH TO YOUR LEGS”


Luke 10:17-20 KJV [17] And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. [18] And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. [19] Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power … Continue reading LIVING THE LIFE THAT COUNTS”


- Pastor Bimbo Animashaun Paul once told King Agrippa: ACTS 26:19 Whereupon, O King Agrippa, I was not DISOBEDIENT unto THE HEAVENLY VISION: What an explosive display of doggedness, resoluteness, resilience, temerity and determination!! This scripture teaches us that EVERY GENUINE VISION IS ACCOMPANIED BY INSTRUCTIONS. You know beloved, as much as I know, that … Continue reading IN PURSUIT OF THE HEAVENLY VISION!!!


Luke 1:35-37,39-41 NKJV [35] And the angel answered and said to her, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God. <!--more--> [36] Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived … Continue reading “THE VISION CARRIERS AND THE VISION KILLERS”


Ephesians 3:20 KJV [20] Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Have you ever desired that the Lord would use you for His glory? Have you ever prayed that the Lord fix you into His plans and … Continue reading “VISIONS EXCEEDINGLY BIGGER THAN US”

MINISTRY SONS UNDER “THE SAME UMBRELLA”!!! (Lesson in Focus And Divine Purpose For Young Ministers)

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun As much as possible in ministry, a young minister must guard his heart continually and stay away from offences. Offences cut the lives of people short in ministry and bring their ministry to a standstill, and the Scriptures as well as human history are credible witnesses to this. One area that … Continue reading MINISTRY SONS UNDER “THE SAME UMBRELLA”!!! (Lesson in Focus And Divine Purpose For Young Ministers)


Evang. Mike Bamiloye 2 Kings 2:12-14 12. And Elisha saw it, and he cried out, “My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and its horsemen!” So he saw him no more. <!--more--> And he took hold of his own clothes and tore them into two pieces. 13. He also took up the mantle of … Continue reading “THE MANTLE AND THE OLD GARMENT”


Text: Habakkuk 2:2-3 Vision is the ability to see potentials, the ability to sense the future with intuition, an opportunity to overcome our limitations. Don't cave in with the harsh conditions, rather, leverage on God's given gift of vision and imagination. The Holy Spirit is the remarkable personality that helps us with our vision, He … Continue reading WHEN GOD WANTS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, HE CHANGES YOUR THOUGHTS. -Pastor Sam Adeyemi


VISION is a product of God's Word - Hab.2:1-3. AMBITION is a product of human desire - Job 33:14-17. DELUSION is a product of Satanic deception and manipulation - Ezek.12:24. There's nothing that is as lovely as CATCHING A VISION EARLY IN LIFE - it preserves your strength and galvanizes your productivity. When someone catches … Continue reading VISION, AMBITION OR DELUSION?


- Evang. Mike Bamiloye Genesis 37:8 And his brothers said to him, “Shall you indeed reign over us? Or shall you indeed have dominion over us?” So they hated him even more for his dreams and for his words. When he had the first dream of his assignment for the future, and shared it, the … Continue reading VISIONS PROVOKE PERSECUTIONS


P. Daniel Olawande The lord never leaves His people in the dark, He can hardly do anything without revealing it. He wants to talk to someone always about His plan, the truth is that,your information level, I mean your access to heavens gist is a show of how close you are. God will always reveals … Continue reading Heaven’s OFOFO /AMEBO/ WHISTLE BLOWING system

Why Samson was chasing Harlot and not ‘Christian’ sister

There is something the harlots in the days of Sampson had that the 'Christian' sisters did not have. Was that why Samson was only chasing harlots here and there whereas the Church girls were still not married? How can a prophet leave all the girls in Church and was chasing only harlots to marry them? … Continue reading Why Samson was chasing Harlot and not ‘Christian’ sister


Growing age, Lessser viewings Thoughts changing With strong desires to fulfill It grows so passionate Bursting our artilleries. Every moment of the dead day I look through the window Unto the sky my gaze To the calm terrain first For any walking spirit Up I see no Cloud What seeth I? Boundless!!! It takes away … Continue reading POEM: WHAT SEETH THOU?

HOW NOT TO MISS OUT – P Daniel Oluwande

When God gives you an idea, you are not the only one that receives it. The first person to act is the owner. Do you observe that there are somethings God asked you to do and someone else is doing it somewhere. Divine thoughts are for sons not for a son. God told Elijah that … Continue reading HOW NOT TO MISS OUT – P Daniel Oluwande

What does it take to be focus?

Lack of focus has make people to major in minor and minor in major, I need to remind you that this life is full of a lot of activities, you are the one to choose the one you want to intermingle with or else you will be carried away by the atmosphere of different happenings … Continue reading What does it take to be focus?


Purpose is what gives definition to life?The more purposeful you become,the lesser the impact the society can have on youPurpose brings about unshakable focusAnd the bible speaking about focus says"if your eyes be single,your whole body will be full of light"Which means what you focus on will become what you looj like and what you … Continue reading THE POWER OF PURPOSE AND IMPROVED SKILL -Falade Ayokuni

I am a Child of Destiny

David O Oyedepo My case is different greetings to you all in Jesus’ name. The month of June 2017 has been a most awesome month for us in this Commission as God delivered to everyone of us key to operating in the supernatural by revelation and to God be all the glory! In addition, we … Continue reading I am a Child of Destiny