How the system works, what you sow is the thought you get.
The mind is like a tape recorder! All the years of watching pornography and senseless corrupt talks saves in our subconscious.

The devil waits to use it against you. It’s like cashing in money in the bank!
It doesn’t mean you are not born again.
It’s his potent tool. Funny enough. He flashes it before you in the most embarrassing manner or time.
the addiction builds up in a man’s subconscious mind.That’s like an insurance claim.
When you try to leave that kind of lifestyle, Mr flesh would start cashing in with the flash memories of the pictures in your subconscious mind. Remember I told you, the devil doesn’t let you just go.A man or woman may have spent years watching porn and have created a lot of reservoirs of these images in the mind. Like chains, they get stronger by more rounds. One harmful effect of this porn viewing is it makes you see a normal person as if he/she is naked before you or worse still, the corrupt mind takes your eyes to your favorite part of such a person’s body. That’s the messed up state of a porn addict.Porn is simply a way to eat more and never get filled even as you get chocked to death!
But what then is the problem!
I am now born again!
Why am I still having these flashes?
For these and more, Let’s talk!Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” It may take time, but with prayer and counseling, people imprisoned in the treacherous web of pornography addiction can break the bonds and discover freedom.
I pray that God will give everyone that desire to be free the forgiving grace in Jesus name. Amen.Share to free someone.Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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