(Learning To Discern True Help In Unattractive Vessels)
By Pastor Bimbo statement

On Thursday, December 13, 2018, while in transit from Ilesha enroute Ile-Ife after a rigorous preaching engagement, the Lord spoke to my heart this statement, “THE HIDDEN HELPERS OF DESTINY”.

I took time to ponder on it and prayed extensively on it. Now I have a release in my heart to share along this line.

While returning to my base that day, the Lord opened my understanding to the fact that there are people in our lives whom we may consider as “insignificant” but play a major role in the entire value chain of our destiny fulfilment.

Sometimes these people are “hidden” i.e. they do not feature “prominently”, as it were, in the script of our destiny but their input and role is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL!
They may be in the “shadows” and not in the “spotlight” but at times the role they play in the realization of your dreams is comparatively bigger than those you may feel are more “popular” in your life.

Sometimes you may not even remember their names or accord them their due recognition but their labour of love in your dreams will not go unrewarded.
This is the simple reason you should never treat anyone shabbily or talk to anyone despicably.
People are your links and bridges to your destiny. People are your doors to the next level.

Never despise anyone because of their extremely infinitesimal social status or because of the way they dress, for those indices and parameters are shaky, flaky and transient.
That househelp of yours may be your destiny helper. That taxi driver may be your destiny helper. That cleaner at your workplace may be your destiny helper.

That roadside pepper seller may be your destiny helper. That bus conductor may be your destiny helper.
That gate man in your office or security guard in your house may be your destiny helper. That student of yours may be your destiny helper.
That patient of yours if you’re a medical practitioner may be your destiny helper. That roadside begger may be your destiny helper.
That PA (Personal Assistant) of yours may be your destiny helper. The list is endless!

Someone might say, “But Pastor; wait a minute; how could these ones ever be destiny helpers to me because they’re the ones who need my help?”.
Well, life has taught us that some people may not have “money” but they have “influence”.
They may not have the paraphernalia of life in terms of wealth acquisition but they can “recommend” you to higher places of life.

As a matter of fact, some people may not even have the wherewithal of daily survival but they can be in possession of “a piece of information” that will launch you to the next level.
Friend, when I look at life in general, and I hear statements like “YOU’RE TOO LOADED TO FAIL”, I immediately think, “Wow, what a beautiful statement!”.

I even say it personally as a personal confession and I also ask people to say it, but somehow somehow I’ve seen loaded people fail.
If you’re loaded but you don’t have the opportunity to express your potentials, then they will amount to nothing.

And think about this beloved; it is “people” that will give you the “platforms” you need for destiny expression.
Paul once told the Philipians ,”ye lacked opportunity” – Phil. 4:10. May you never lack opportunity in Jesus’ Name.
The Scripture is replete with those who were assisted by “THE HIDDEN HELPERS OF DESTINY”.
We don’t even know the names of some of these divine helpers but God used them to launch people into destiny.

Let’s look at a few examples here:
(1) King Saul’s servant who recommended David for a role in the palace – 1 Sam.16:17-18. The man, even though was a servant, spoke well and glowingly about David and of course we don’t know his name.

(2) The little maid of Namaan’s wife, who although was a slave but was used of the Lord to advise the leprous Namaan to get his healing – 2 Kg.5:1-5.
If that girl had been earlier treated shabbily by Namaan and his wife, probably Namaan could have died of his leprosy. I’m sure we don’t know her name too. Let’s be kind to people beloved!

(3) The chief butler who recommended Joseph for a role in the palace – Gen. 41:9-16. Even though we could say that he did it late and that it should have been done earlier upon his release from prison but it’s better late than never. Notice we don’t also know the man’s name.

(4) Saul’s servant and the young girls who directed him to Prophet Samuel (the man who anointed him as king) when he was looking for the lost asses of his father – 1Sam.9:5-14.
He met with destiny along the way but God used the servant and those young girls to direct him. Again we don’t know their names.

(5) Mordecai and Hegai the keeper of the women who gave Hadassah i.e. Esther preferential treatment that qualified her for the throne in the old medio-persian kingdom.
Mordecai gave her tutelage while Hegai gave her favour and she became the queen in the place of Vasti – Esth. 2:5-17.

(6) The Babylonian queen who spoke glowingly about Daniel’s prophetic ability and recommended him to King Belshazzar to interpret the supernatural handwriting on the wall – Dan.5:10-17. That’s how Daniel became the third ruler in the kingdom – vs. 29.

(7) Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother who brought and introduced Simon Peter to Jesus and that was the entry point into destiny for Peter – Jn. 1:40-42.
Beloved, stated above are just a few examples of people we could call “THE HIDDEN HELPERS OF DESTINY”. Many other examples abound!
It’s important that you pay attention to them. Nobody is too small for God to use for you. NEVER DESPISE ANYONE – stay open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit – He knows people more than you do.
By God’s Grace, I operate by a simple Biblical principle – I HONOUR ALL MEN – 1 Pet.2:17 no matter who they are because you see friend; there’s nothing we have that we have not received – 1 Cor.4:7.

The student you’re teaching today may become President tomorrow who will make you a minster in his cabinet.
Let’s treat people for the value that God Almighty, the Creator has placed on them; not based on what they’re going through at the moment.

It is my sincere and heartfelt prayer for you today that YOUR HELPERS OF DESTINY will begin to gravitate towards you and they will begin to FLOW into your life like a river and your DESTINY shall be established in Jesus’ Precious Name.
I trustthis is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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