HOW TO GET GOD’S ATTENTION – Apostle Joshua Selman

It is a powerful strategy that you approach God praying for souls, ministries and the kingdom… It is true faith to leave your needs and pray for others.. If you want to get God ‘s attention, look for where his heart is and focus there too.. Pray for people to be saved.. Pray for ministers… Solomon did this and got God ‘s attention. His attention was how to lead God ‘s people and God was touched and gave him things he didn’t ask for.

You remind God about yourself when you forget about yourself..
Am not saying you shouldnt pray for your self but many of you throughout this year,you have not prayed for anybody but yourself..when most percentage of your prayer is about you, you won’t get God ‘s attention.

The shunammite woman forgot about her barrenness and focused on prophet Elisha and cared for him.. And it compelled her breakthrough…
So when you forget about yourself, you make God remember you.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.

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