I regretted letting him know my passcode.

He had withdraw my savings just like he did the last time.
Its either I start a business and it’s folds up due to lack of funds, the funds which keeps going into my husband’s pocket or I am never able to venture into a new business as he would always take up the whole capital.

I am always left with nothing, stranded and frustrated.
Whatever plans I had would be destroyed at all times.

Mine was the perfect definition of a wrong spouse.

I wondered how I ended up this way. I could remember I always say Amen to prayers of not marrying wrong maritally, I thought that would do the work, I keep wondering how I turned this way.

Was my amen not enough?
The journey so far has made me know, it is not just about saying an amen to prayers, I have to work towards positive actions to make it a reality. #Fiction

Is an amen not enough when prayers are said in churches or men of God prays for us?

Let’s liken the situation to students in school. Students in school would always say amen to prayers of academic success but 90% would not have this success, might be just 10%. Why?

Majority do not prepare.
No action taken.
Many think prayers are just enough, giving a positive amen would do the magic but trust me, it doesn’t work that way.

Our bible teaches us that Faith without works is nothing.

As much as you believe in God for success, work towards achieving the success.
As much as you want a marriage without tears, your amen is not enough, wisdom is the principal thing.

Your amen might bring the right partner to you, but you use your character to send him away.
Your amen might show you your life partner but out of greed you go for the other handsome, rich guy.
Your amen will show and lead you to the right way but foolishness will take you away.
Your amen to job prayers might land you in a good paying job but your diligence to work will decide whether you will stay or not.
Your amen will make the holy spirit show you where to read but laziness will prevent you from reading it.

Your amen is not enough without works and efforts from your side.

Have you checked why that amen to your said prayers seems not to be at work?

Fire in my Bones Movement

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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