POEM: Hope – Victoria Egba

I gave a fresh breathe of warm air,
Blowing the dust and cobwebs
From my sweet Bible and book.Turning through the pages of hope,
And the books of visions and goals.
I ask the dumbest question on earth.
“How did I miss it?” My first name was fun and the other flex.

Moving from white to grey and sleeping at black.
Dwelling with quotes from people like me,
Justifying wrong as right
And speaking lies to our conscience.But at critical points we turn,
Left to right, back and front.
Searching for one thing we always had.

HOPEOh! how sweet the Word could be,
Promising though our trees be cut down,
One day it shall grow again.But what lies have we fed our hearts,
That though the answer be written plainly in black and white.
We search desperately in burning hot coals.So I dust the dust off my books
And find solace in my only hope


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