Excerpt from RCCG September Holy Ghost Service

Everyone of You Who Calls Me Daddy, What God has done For me, He Will Do Double For You
-Daddy G.O
RCCG September Holy Ghost Service with Daddy G.O on ‘Let There Be Light 8’ at RCCG September Holy Ghost Service

I promised that the Holy Ghost Service will be in camp, l will be here and you will be here, that is why l am here today. The promise is in two parts and l am fulfilling one part.

I want you to be sure that this plague will soon be over, please always wash your hands regularly and wear your mask, follow the instructions of the government, let us be law abiding and as the Lord lives, by November we will be here together.
Usually we ask for those who had been barren and have had their children after the Convention to come forward in September for Thanksgiving, but because the Convention of this year was virtual, we couldn’t ask people to bring their children but we will show you a clip of that of 2019 and by the Grace of God, come 2021, you will bring your children in Jesus name.
Genesis 30:1-2, Genesis 30:22-24

When we say let there be light, It could mean different things to different people.
Let There Be Light in reference to child bearing:

* To Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18:1-14, Let there be light simply means God please pay us a visit.
In the name that is above every other name, all of you trusting God for the fruit of the womb will get a visit today.
Sarah offered the Lord food to eat, they asked to see God face to face.

Psalm 50:9-15
He had spoken to Abraham before through several means in:
Genesis 3:-6
Genesis 12:1-3
I am praying for everyone of you listening to me, God will pay you a visit face to face.
I stand on this altar to issue a decree that everyone of you trusting God for the fruit of the womb, nine months from now, a child will come.

Jeremiah 32:37
If there is anyone of you who might have some doubts, in the name of the Almighty, l decree again, nine months from now your children will begin to come.
He changed Sarah’s sorrow to laughter.
* To Isaac and Rebecca in Genesis 25:21-26, Let there Be Light could be:

– Father, do what you did for my parents for me
Ezekiel 18:4 .
– You promised Abraham, Genesis 12:1-3.
You promised to multiply me, Genesis 22:15-22.
The Almighty God answered Issac and gave him twins in Genesis 25:21-26
The God who answered the prayers of Abraham, will answer your own today.

Everyone of you who call me Daddy, what God had done for me, He will do double for you.
* Let there be light to Jacob and Racheal could mean something entirely different in Genesis 29:15-29. The Lord shut the womb of Racheal and made Leah fruitful. Rachael cried unto Jacob.

The prayer of Racheal is believed to be Lord, l am sorry, l have trusted men and they have failed me, l will trust in you alone now.

Jeremiah 17:5-8
Some of you have put your trust on the doctor who said you can never have a child, there is someone greater than this doctor, l am talking to those having problems with their wombs, by this time next year, you will come and testify. Psalm 121:1-2

The God that remembered Racheal will remember you today.
‘The Lord said that there is someone listening to me right now that after He has opened your womb, you will tell Him when you have had enough’.

Everyone of you who will put your eyes on God today, you will not be disappointed.
The Almighty God who is no respecter of persons will give you brand new parts today in Jesus name.

* Let There Be Light to Manoah and his wife in Judges 13 means something entirely different, they were barren, things where bad in the country and there was a need for a champion and God visited the wife of Manoah.

– Let there be light to Manoah and his wife was Lord we need a champion in my nation and that champion needs a vessel.
Hebrews 15:5
God, you need a champion in my nation, let me and my wife be the one to bring that champion to life.

– It could be that they were saying Lord don’t just visit my wife, visit me also.
I am praying for everyone listening to me today: the wife and the husband, may the Almighty God visit you tonight.

Manoah and his wife in Judges 13:15-19 entertained the angel before he left.
I am encouraging you today, that you will show God gratitude.
The Lordis saying because the Light will shine tonight, your destiny that is considered barren, it will resurrect.

The Lord said, before the end of this year, you will feel another touch from the Most High
* Let there be Light to Elkanah and Hannah is entirely different.

– I am sure Hannah will say l thank God for the provocations that came from the other woman, because if she was nice to Hannah she would have stayed barren.

In the name that is above every other name, you will thank God for those that are mocking you because they pushed you to your breakthrough.

Those who have been saying what are you doing, you will thank God for them because unless you are pushed, you might not get to that stage to say Lord, where are you?
Psalm 102:13

All the suffering of the past will push you to the Lord so that your set time will be this moment.
– I am sure she also said out of all the people gathered in Shiloh, the light shone on me.
You will be singled out for a miracle today.
2 Chronicles 20:20, Hannah believed God and she prospered.

I am encouraging you to believe God so that He can establish you, believe the word that is coming to you, that by the Name that is above every other name, before the end of this month, there will be a shout of joy in your family.

‘The Lord said l should tell someone that you will still produce an hier to the throne.’
‘The Lord said l should tell someone that when the child shall come, people will say this one is worth waiting for’

* Let There Be Light to Zachariah and Elizabeth Luke 1. The Lord visited zachariah and they had a special son.
I have goodnews for ministers, your reproach will be over.

Lessons from their story:
– Hope delayed can make the heart sick, Proverbs 13:12
Those of you waiting, your waiting is over.
– They made up their mind to serve God. Everyone of us waiting for the fruit of the womb, you must be rugged with the Word. Job 13:15

The Bible gave Zachariah and Elizabeth the best. I am believing God that every child given to you will be the best.
‘The Lord asked me to tell you, l have decided to open the womb of your business, l will move you from surviving to prosperous to flourishing.’

‘The Lord said someone will give birth three times and they will be multiply births and the day will come when you and your children want to travel, you will need a bus.’
Let There Be Light simply means God, chase away the darkness of barrenness in any form whatsoever, fruitless efforts and failure.

John 8:12
If you are following the Lord Jesus Christ, darkness will have no place in your life because you are walking in the Light of the world. But if you have not yet come to the Light and you make up your mind and say l don’t want to be in darkness anymore, He will receive you, He will save your soul.
Say Lord please save my soul and give me a new beginning so that l can be a member of the family of Light.

Lord open the wombs of everyone of us, spiritual womb, marital womb, and financial womb in Jesus name.

I am happy for those of you who listened to me today, pray the prayer points and make sure you thank the Almighty God.
God bless you

Source : Church Gist

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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