WILL POWER: Wish, Hope and At Will

(Excerpt from the book Spirit, Soul and Body by Lester Sumrall)
To analyze the will, we must observe that it is a power manifested by intelligence; whether it is deity, angels, mankind or devils. Without intelligence there is no will.

To will is to wish. It is related to willingness, or an assent to perform. If you do not will to do a thing, you become unwilling. That means that your will goes into reverse. For example, God said to me, ‘will you go to Manila, Philippines and be a missionary? ‘ I said ‘I Will.’ I didn’t say I think or feel. I said ‘I will.’ So God’s will and my will got together and I took my family to the Philippines. My reward was that God gave us greatest revival we have ever seen in our lives. 150,000 people publicly accept Christ.

To will is also to hope – the willpower to invade the future with a new and a fresh experience. Hope is a strong force. It is a force that determines our destiny. When hope surges within you, by the power of your will, things begin to change. You do not accept the status quo. You don’t accept things as they are. Your will is determining factor to say ‘I am hoping for a better day or a better situation. ‘ Your will brings energy into action that causes a change.

What do the words ‘at will’ mean? They mean an intelligent creature moves and thinks in an uninhibited manner as he desires, wishes or feels. He has the right and power to do it. He does it ‘at will’ . This is a category of greatness, potential life,strength, and vigor that we can hardly imagine.

Do you realize that 90 percent of the world population today cannot function ‘at will’? They do not have the freedom.

This causes frustration because man is born with a free will. God created him a free moral agent. He is in complete charge of his willfulness; either to follow God or not to follow God, to live peacefully or not to live peacefully. God has permitted him to have this tremendous force of will to be what the Lord has designed and wants him to be.

Possibly man has never yet fathomed the depth of the intelligent will of a human person or the complete will of humankind.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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