The first thing I want you to know is that success is never defined by what you have in your account or in your possession ❗❗
*Success therefore is defined by who you have and not what you have*❗❗

Hence… When I talk about who you have, I’m not talking about the people around you….

It’s having God with you❗
According to the bible, God was with Joseph and he was successful in all he did… Even n the house of Jacob ❗❗
Acts 10:38…… How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing *good* and healing those who are oppressed of the devil because *God was with him*❗

Friends, don’t expect success if you’re not connected with your Maker❗
On this note, permit me to say that if you don’t know your purpose, then success is far from you❗
Understanding your make up is the beginning of your success in life❗❗

The level at which you know yourself and what you’re made of determines your success ❗❗
Therefore, you must understand the journey of success is laid on some caveats which are ❗❗❗

Who you are and what you’re made of determines your success….. Understanding yourself and potentials is what determines your success in life ❗

You can’t be successful beyond the level of your thinking. What you think is who you are…. Hence, you must know that what you think about determines what you talk about❗
There’s nothing on earth that’s as powerful than idea 💡. Idea produces everything⁉

Everything you see today began as an idea in the producer’s mind ❗. It outlives man…. God’s idea, plan, thoughts, imagination, purpose, and intents therefore, gave birth to you‼

So, if you don’t generate an idea through your thinking, then you’re a mockery to your design❗❗

*NB:* ideas are more powerful than brains that produce them. However, ideas cannot be generated without the use of brain and it’s neurons.

Ergo, *a poor man is one who doesn’t have ideas*‼‼Because, ideas 💥💥are seeds that guarantees a future harvest. So, you can never produce, or have harvest beyond the level of your ideas, thoughts and visions⁉⁉

You can kill a man with an idea but you’ll never kill his idea‼‼. Any attempt to kill an idea will rather produce more ideas in the person’s mind🤔🤔. That’s why idea controls the world.

*NB:* it’s only dead men with ideas that rule the world…. How do I mean⁉⁉

Dead men rule this world in their absent. For example, Jesus Christ is claimed to be dead, but his idea rules this world… Mohammed is dead, yet his idea is still very much appreciated in this world, McLuhan idea of global village, Socrates, Aristotle, Gandhi, etc still rules this world ‼‼.

So, if you desire to rule your world even after your exit, you need to know how to generate an idea🤔‼‼‼💥💥🔥🔥


Ideas defines your, your vision defines mission, your mission defines your fulfillment ❗❗

Therefore…. You can’t be successful beyond the level of what you see because God is only committed to do whatever you seeWhat you see is what you become
Champs…. It’s therefore, important for you to know that your success is tied to this cave

Can we pray ❓

Let’s tell it to God….. Father reveal yourself to me….. If Christ isn’t revealed to you, then you can’t know yourself…. Your life is hidden in jesus❗

Therefore, tell him to reveal himself to you.

You can’t be successful beyond the level at which Christ is revealed to you❗❗

As we behold him as in a glass of mirror, we are being *transformed* from Glory to Glory ❗❗

So, the level at which Christ is revealed to you determines your transformation ❗❗

Champs…. Cry out to God ❗🔥
So, tell him to reveal himself to you. Since we came from him, then we can’t do anything apart from him.. So, if you don’t know him… You can never know yourself…. Tell him friends 🔥🔥🗣🗣
It’s in him we live, we move and we have our being 🔥🔥❗❗

So, you must understand that if you don’t see yourself In him, then you can’t know yourself ❗❗
Now……. Tell him, *invade me with your idea* 🗣🔥🔥🔥
That idea that will transform my life and the world at large 🗣🔥🔥❗
Finally, tell him.. Reveal my purpose for me Jesus… Because your purpose determines your success ❗

Give him praises for answering our prayers❗❗❗

Lift up your voices and appreciate him because he’s God ❗❗

In Jesus name we’ve prayed ❗❗


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