Some people are victim of bad spiritual deposit which has been the reason for perpetual delay and disappointment against their destiny. Bad spiritual deposit comes through eating in the dream, having sex in the dream, breastfeeding in the dream, swimming in the dream, exchange of wear,e.t.c.

Having sex in the dream represent a soul tie covenant with the spirit spouse/marine spirit. Whenever there is a sexual dream, it clearly indicate 3 factors.

1. Marital problem.
2. Problem of child bearing.
3. Financial woes.

Failure to address this dream with serious prayers and fasting, it can place you on a series of satanic bondage and manipulation. (Psalm 71:1-24) please read it.

Whether it is your husband or your fiance(cee) that is having sexual feelings with you in the dream doesn’t make it a good dream. This is another dream that has wrecked havoc in many homes today.

It is even certain that the devil is only uses his face to perpetrate evil against you and your marriage. God cannot command your husband or loved ones to be engaging sex with you in the dream. it is clearly an abomination. Those who ignore this truth are living under satanic trap.

I decree right now as a prophet of God, any demon making love with you in the dream, type: Holy Ghoooooooost fire! shall consume them to night in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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© Apt OC Merciful

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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